5 February 2013 ·


“The most exciting thing about being a scientist is not knowing… because that means there’s a lot left to learn.”

Physicist Lawrence Krauss, author of A Universe from Nothing: Why There Is Something Rather than Nothing, delivers a “secular sermon” on cosmic connections, theoretical physics, and the meaning of life.

The School of Life is a project by writer and philosopher Alain de Botton, who has argued that education and secular intellectual life have a lot to learn from the storytelling traditions of religion

I love how churches create communities, but hate what religion has done to the masses. This, however, is an excellent idea. The coming together of people on Sundays to hear stories from educators and scientists in an effort to show how we are all connected.

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30 October 2012 ·

"Churches should focus their engagement on actions that serve the common good or speak up for the oppressed rather than opposing a controversial issue because of theological objections."

~ Hartford University study on why millennials are leaving churches

18 October 2011 ·

Ad campaign promoting atheism in NYC.
Have to say, I agree with the bus.

Ad campaign promoting atheism in NYC.

Have to say, I agree with the bus.

26 June 2009 ·

Katy Kelley

Marinated in NPR, sauteed in Hip Hop, garnished lightly with Kung-Fu movies, washed down with a Guinness and served with a side order of cleverness. Has been described as “Mary Tyler Moore meets Pee-Wee Herman”.

Delightfully ambiguous with a dollop of intellect. Chilling in Brooklyn, NY.